A new beginning for Sabah

Sabah has the right to a new beginning!  We owe it to our people and to our culture to make a new beginning.  Our so called friends in KL have been far from friendly to us.  We have been tricked and manipulated by their underhanded tactics to marginalize our credibility.  Today, we are amongst the most poverty stricken people in the world; we have been reduced to 3rd class citizenry in our very own ancestral land, and our integrity marginalized.  Our country’s wealth and our culture have been deprived of us.  These all happens because deceitful parties want to force their way of life to us.  It is time to put a stop to this injustice!

We can no longer tolerate our leaders who are adamant in their appeasement strategy.  People who claimed to be our leaders need to speak about our hearts and minds rather than speak to us about their master’s wish.  Are we truly this pathetic that we are unable to define our destiny?  Wake up my people let us enter into a new beginning.  Let us give change a chance!

Instead of business as usual, let us turn a new leaf and fight for real change.  A change that would guarantee our children the best education in the world, a change that guarantees our freedom, a change that would guarantee our prosperity and finally a change that would guarantee our 1st class citizenry in our ancestral land.  A country where natives have full rights and privileges!

Natives of Borneo must have full rights and privileges just because this is our ancestral land.  Foreign laws cannot be forced upon us as we are the kings in our land.  To force us to submit to their laws is to declare war upon our people.  When we join the Malaysian federation our forefathers made an agreement (rightly or wrongly) with members of the federation to abide by the proclamation known as the “20 Points” declaration.  Yet from the very onset of this proclamation our federation partners renege on this contract.  We have yet to see the honest fulfillment of this contract.  Are we asking too much in this contract?  No, in fact our forefathers got the short end of the deal when they sign this contract.  This contract should never have been agreed upon!  This is akin to a business contract gone wrong, where the other party broke their promise!

As fellow man of integrity, it is a normal human norm in all human cultures on earth that when a promise is made, it is meant to be kept.  When a member of the party breaks the promise, all the other parties involved automatically have the right to do whatever they deem appropriate including nullifying the contract or to demand the creation of a new contract.  Here we are today, agonized by poverty, is powerless to do anything about it.  This is truly a dilemma for Sabahans!  Knowing this fact, do you really believe it is in the interest of the other parties to see a rich and prosperous Sabah?

What therefore is our recourse?  Our first action is to be decisive in our minds to vote for change.  To support for new and uncorrupted leaders!  New leaders who have the integrity to keep their words!  Leaders who speak for the people and not to the people!  Leaders who put priority to the people and never to himself or herself!  Know the hearts of these new leaders and give them your utmost loyalty.


About Kinabalu

We are among the many Sabahan's who feels that we can make our country a better place to live than what it is today.

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