The start of a new dawn for Sabah

Sabah has the right to a new beginning!  We owe it to our people and to our culture to make a new beginning.  For so long we have been neglected.  The Bologs  in KL have been unhelpful to us.  We have been marginalized to become a minority in our own country.  Today, we are among the poorest people in the country.  We have been reduced to become a second class citizen in our own country.  We have been deprived of Sabah’s rich natural resources.  These all happen because the leaders do not have genuine interest in developing our people.  It is time to put a stop to this injustice.


We can no longer tolerate leaders who have no vision of developing our people and helping them move from low class to middle class.  People who claim to be our leaders need to speak out more assertively for our people.  Are we truly this pathetic that we are unable to define our destiny?  Wake up my people let us enter into a new beginning.  Let us have a new and bold vision for our people.


Instead of business as usual, let us turn a new leaf and fight for real change.  We would need a vision to ensure higher educational opportunities for our children, and freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for our people.


Sabahans must be united to share this vision and let it become a beacon of hope for our people.  The Twenty Points Declaration that was promulgated to protect the rights of Sabahans have been abrogated by the Bologs  in KL so that they could continue to colonizeSabah.  This unilateral move must be addressed properly by Sabahan leaders.  It is time to be more assertive for the rights of Sabahans.  Silence would be interpreted as weakness and acquiescence.


It is time to reassess our situation inSabah.  It is time to unite.  When Sabahans are united to a common cause, they will be able to achieve the aspirations for a better Sabah.  Oil rich Sabah is the richest State in the Federation.  Today, it is reduced to being the second poorest State.  This is not acceptable.  To rectify this anomaly, Sabahans need to be united and to speak with a common voice to ensure that Sabah will become the richest State in the Federation once again.


A new thinking is required.  We would need to wake up the current leaders to be more assertive in speaking out for Sabah.  Strong leaders with new and bold vision for Sabah would be essential.


About Kinabalu

We are among the many Sabahan's who feels that we can make our country a better place to live than what it is today.

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