The Road to Economic Growth and Prosperity-Part I

Government’s role is to facilitate the growth and development of the nation’s wellbeing.  A government by the people and for the people guarantees that all its’ citizen have an opportunity to determine his/her future.  A person cannot determine his/her future when a person is a slave to poverty.

The powers of the government must be utilize to empower its citizens.  The power of the government is to protect its citizen by creating security as well as survival opportunities for its people.  Survival will rely on economic opportunities.  A Government’s role is to create economic opportunities for its people.

In its grand systemic cycle, the people and the government mutually compliment and mutually benefits both side automatically as long as the government understands its role for ensuring the survival of its people.  A nation’s survival is dependent upon its people’s survival capacities.

Transportation Infrastructure:
Economic growth and development cannot continue to progress without a well-plan transportation infrastructure.  Government must initiate or create this critical infrastructure before economic activities can take place effectively.  Long term planning is the key to a great transportation infrastructure.  This is the first and more critical part to economic development.

Since joining the Malaysian Federation Sabah have never had a long-term plan where transportation infrastructure matters.  Much of what we can call transportation infrastructure today are tidbits of efforts by politicians to show their narcissistic agenda against the people.  More of a side show rather than real economic development efforts.  A vote getter rather than a scheduled economic plan!

None of these existing transportation infrastructures are based on long-term planning.  If they were, we would clearly see a continuance and a follow up growth and development on infrastructure. Neither do we see a well-organized maintenance service system in place.  What we see are bits and pieces spread far and wide.  As demographics change the infrastructure remains the same.

The evidence is daylight clear!  Just take a quick drive into the suburbs and one would notice how the roads are inadequate for sustaining economic growth.  For example, (Even after 40 years) we are still driving on a single lane highway between KK and Tamparuli.

One of the key factors for economic growth is speed.  The faster goods and services are delivered the faster the economic rate of growth.  With just a single lane highway, how can you guarantee economic growth?

I have purposely chosen this example because it is the most basic prerequisite and it is clearly self-evident.  If we can’t address the most basic of transportation infrastructure how can we address the more complex economic development agendas?


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We are among the many Sabahan's who feels that we can make our country a better place to live than what it is today.

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