Instant Bumi and Treason

Sabahan must think and do what is best for Sabah.  There is too much at stake.  Our people and our children’s future is too precious to compromise for appeasement.  Our people are living in poverty and approximately 90% of our country’s resources and revenues are being utilized elsewhere.  We as Sabahans’ have been taken for a ride.  Forced to the cleaners and now we have nothing to show but our deprived condition.  

Do we still have honor and integrity?  Take the right path now and make the right decision.  For once in your life do it for Sabah.  Make SAPP the government in the next general election.  SAPP will work to make Sabah prosperous and guarantees that 99% of Sabahan do not live in poverty.  SAPP is committed to do the right thing for Sabah.  This time around we will lead the way and make Sabah a wonderful and prosperous country.  We will make Sabah a land where the world will want to come visit.  We will make Sabah a country where foreign companies will want to come invest.  We will make Sabah secure and beautiful where wealthy people will want to come live here legally.  We will guarantee that our people will have a voice and a prosperous livelihood far beyond the 21st Century.

Article in WikiSabah.

Forcing illegals to swear in Allah’s name to vote BN and to keep it a secret …. “what has happened in Sabah is happening now in the peninsular”Wanita PKR has said that it has proof that illegal immigrants registering with the Home Ministry’s 6P amnesty programme have been made to swear an oath that they and their families will vote for Barisan Nasional come polling day.

Wanita PKR chief Zuraida Kamaruddin had brought to the party evidence in the form of a written statement requiring them to pledge allegiance to Umno and BN. The statement which reads:

“Bismillahhirahmanirrahim. Wallahi Wabillahi Watawallahi. I (name) in the name of Allah pledge and promise to be loyal to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the Sultans and Malaysia. “I / my husband / my wife / my children will undividedly support and vote Umno / Barisan Nasional (BN). I will also continue to fight for Islam and the Malay race. My family and I promise to keep this SECRET, and if I break it I will pay the price.”

Zuraida said the statement was obtained from 6P centres in either Sepang, Hulu Selangor or Shah Alam, but would not specify which to protect the whistleblowers. She also called on the Najib administration to put a stop to the 6P programme and conduct a high-level probe into the allegations to ensure that the amnesty drive does not violate the country’s sovereignty to ensure continuity of power for Umno and Barisan Nasional.

Instant Bumi

If there is any truth in the above allegations, then the BN government has sunk to new depths in their desperation to cling on to power. Not only is the above allegation highly treasonous it is also a slap in the face for Malaysians.

Non-Malays in the country do not enjoy the “Bumiputra” status unlike their Malay and Muslim counterparts. However, if a Muslim immigrant is granted new citizenship, he is automatically given bumiputra status based on his Islamic beliefs.

If this is allowed to go on at the expense of non-Malay Citizens in the country, it will be a big mockery to the tax-paying non-Malay citizens, and also the Bumiputras of this country, who have to share their ‘first-class’ status with that of immigrants. Already the number of ‘bumiputras’ in this country is more than the non-bumiputras, so there is not much sense in injecting more new bumiputras into the congested system.

Furthermore, in this country, only Malaysians above 21 are allowed to vote, while in most other countries once a youth touches 18, he automatically becomes an adult with voting rights. Why is the BN government determined to keep our children from becoming full-fledged adults and denying them their full rights for a further 3 years?

Malaysians residing overseas are not allowed to vote and neither are students studying overseas.

Yet new citizens are automatically allowed to vote the minute their applications are approved. How can the Malaysian government say that it has the people’s interest at heart? New citizens should only be allowed voting rights after 5 years of residency. How can they be allowed to vote, since they have yet to learn of Malaysia’s history, culture, political and economic aspirations?

Or can they? All they have to do is to pledge allegiance to the current Barisan National government. On top of that, they have to keep it a SECRET and to bear the consequences and pay the price if they break the oath.

BN has gone too far this time

It seems it is never enough for the BN. They have tried to divide the country along racial lines, but in the process, they have antagonized Malaysians with religious strife and now to cover their tracks, their new modus operandi is to get new immigrants to vote for them if Malaysians themselves refuse to support them.

Day in and day out, rabble rouser NGOs goes around shattering the peace in the country by playing up race and religious conflicts, while on the other hand the BN is quietly registering more citizens with instant voting rights to join the swelling ranks of citizens in the country.

Non-Malays feel that they are literally being pushed aside like rag dolls without any rights. How can such a thing be allowed to happen in such a fine country like Malaysia, when our leaders continue to swear allegiance – demi Agama, Raja dan Negara! (For Religion, King and Country)

Government servants and politicians should spend one day at Times Square in Kuala Lumpur and watch the crowds of Malaysians mingling around. Look at their busy, happy faces. All of them have a future, focus and an ambition. These people are the future of this country and the bread and butter of the government. They are the tax payers that drive the engines of economic growth in this country.

So many things happening in this country are caused by the greed of our politicians. There are so many good things going for Malaysia, but our government must spoil it by playing with fire. Haven’t their mums ever taught them that they can get burnt for playing with fire?

Seriously, we need to screen new citizens closely. Especially if their applications were approved for the sole purpose of voting to help the BN cheat. Malaysians welcome bona fide new citizens who can contribute to the economy and well-being of this country.

We simply must put a full stop to all this nonsense.

– Malaysia Chronicle

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