The Road to Economic Growth and Prosperity – Part 3

Pointing out the problems and issues within the current government policies and systems is an effective way to promote improvement and thus progress.  However, although that is a key factor in turning things around it is equally important to discuss innovative ideas that can effectively spur economic growth.

Sabah is a vast land rich in natural resources and a beautiful country to make a home.  Sabah is also a heaven when it relates to natural disaster.  Unlike many other countries, Sabah is blessed with a peaceful natural phenomenon without the threat of major earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes, and tsunamis.  These factors in themselves are already a natural magnet for human capital to convene.

Sabah is definitely a great natural place to be the next economic wonder of the world.  There is nothing to stop it from becoming a top economic capital because it is naturally destine to be one.  So why is Sabah poor today? And what is keeping it from becoming the next economic wonder of the world?  The answer is simple: Government!  Because of government and the people who run our government!

The people who run our government are either incompetent and corrupted or ideologically backward.  If a tiny island like Taiwan can become an economic wonder of the world, why can’t Sabah?  We have the natural phenomenon to make Sabah the next economic wonder of the world.  With a little fundamental strategic tweak here and there the possibilities are endless.  So what we must do is change our government and change our attitude towards free market progress and development.  This concept is not rocket science!  We can do it!

The Three N’s:
Natural Progression, Natural Resources and Natural Abundance. 

Sabah has some of the most fertile soil in the world.  If Israel can grow and produce one of the most beautiful and delicious fruits in the world out of the desert, what do you think Sabah can produce from such naturally fertile soil.  The problem is not with the soil.  The problem we have in Sabah is people or man-made problem.  Sabah can achieve great things if only the right people are in position of power.

We need a government run by un-corruptible leaders with the right vision.  For too long our government is littered with self-serving individuals and groups.  Groups who are bias to their own selfish agenda!  This trend must change if we are to become a self-sufficient country.  We must get our act together and fight for the greater good of our country and our people.

We can ensure that no one is left behind.  We can ensure that there will be plenty of opportunities for legal residence to embark upon a happiness journey.  A human life is but a short moment in time and we ought to make that moment a good and meaningful journey.  Forget about things that defy your senses but rather respect things that you can experience with all your five senses.  This world is meaningful only when there is life.

A country can be measured somewhat by the quality of its people.   This is true, but only when we exercise the quality of our vote can we truly bring out that high level of quality that is within our self.  Democratic system does encourage and produce competent leadership, but what we need most today is not just competent leaders, but leaders with the right vision to manage the growth and development of its people.  As long as the people win the country also wins!  A government led by the right kind of leadership will ensure everyone is treated fairly.   Everyone will have equal opportunity to be what they can be.  This is the type of government that we must demand.  Only when we have a good government in place can we truly be free to reach for our dreams.

There is room for the Malaysian Federation to grow and become economically beneficial to all its citizens.  But for that to happened people must first of all be treated equally.   If the attitude in the West coast continues to remain the same then it will just be a matter of time, before the East coast finds it intolerable.

A master is not obligated to change its ways if the slave is unwilling to insist upon the change.  Our self-declared masters in the west coast have set their goals and agendas for us, but it is up to us to decide to follow as slaves or to defend our integrity and honor.  We have no choice but to defend our integrity and honor, unless we become cowards.

An economically viable Sabah is very possible given the right government policies and visionary leaderships.  There is no reason why we cannot become the next economic wonder in the world.  We can make it happen sooner starting with the next general election.


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We are among the many Sabahan's who feels that we can make our country a better place to live than what it is today.

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